A great new way to get to and from the course. Exclusive 20 euro discount code ‘Grrz1′!


UBER is a service a friend of mine introduced me to a while ago which I now use regularly for all types of journeys. It has, without fail been a stress free experience each time I have used it and I think it would be a perfect service for golfers who need a lift or who normally use taxi’s.

It is an app available on the app store, android market and at m.uber.com and is essentially a cost effective chauffeur service with a fleet of cars consisting of mercedes s/e class, bmw 5 & 7 series, jaguar, lexus etc.

The home screen of the app is shown below.

2014-03-17 12.08.59      2014-03-29 08.58.58     2014-04-06 22.29.25

I have used UBER for getting from my golf course a few times and every time it has been a stress free experience. The drivers who are dressed in suits are all friendly and will be waiting with the door open, greet you with a handshake and place whatever luggage you have (clubs etc) in the boot.

Ordering an UBER is a simple task:

  1. Log in to your UBER app on your smartphone
  2. Drag pin to the location you wish to be collected at
  3. Click the arrow which will bring you to a confirmation screen.
  4. Click ‘Request UBER black’ (you also have the option of viewing a fare quote here)
  5. Wait for your black car to arrive (He may call you or you can call him to confirm pickup location)

You can check how much it will cost from point A to B by clicking fare quote. An example shown below is from Elm Park golf club to Monkstown.

2014-04-06 22.08.26

2014-03-29 08.58.58

Above, you can see what it looks like once you’ve ordered an UBER. It shows the drivers name, the type of car and the registration number of the vehicle. You can also see the rating of the driver and track his location.

Below are a few pictures I have taken inside various vehicles.

2014-03-29 09.08.24    2014-03-28 22.55.24    2014-03-26 23.36.55

Bottles of water and tissues are provided in all cars.

After you have completed your journey you will receive a bill/summary of your journey sent to you. You can then rate your driver and if you like, send comments to UBER.

2014-03-15 18.09.27

I believe UBER is a service golfers and non golfers can benefit from. It is 100% safe, reliable and easy to use. However the best news is that as readers of this blog, you can receive 20 euro off your first journey. Simply download the app, sign up and enter the promo code ‘grrz1′ to avail of this amazing offer! Alternatively, you can follow this link 

I hope you all use and enjoy this great service.

Crohan O’Shea






Golf Problems – Buggy out of battery

A problem all golfers dread is that their buggy runs out of battery.

In this case it was in a foreign country and at about 9pm when the golf shop was closed. This is a tutorial on how to move a golf buggy if it runs out of battery!

Irish Open Tips

In a field that includes 79 European tour winners and 11 major winners, it will be hard to pick the winner this week. The 2 million euro event promises to be a fun and memorable week in Carton House, and I’ll be there every day providing top notch coverage through tweets and pictures.

Here are the three players I think are looking like great value.


Shane Lowry – 22/1 Knows the course extremely well, has a house on the course and will have the crowds firmly behind him. His recent form has been decent and I believe this could be his week. View More


Francesco Molinari 28/1 You can’t look past a man who has won three times on the European Tour. A superb iron player (which will be important this week) and knows how to get the job done. Will be up there come Sunday. View More


Felipe Aguilar 80/1 A man who is having a great year on the European tour. Ranked 28th in the Race to Dubai, he has improved his putting in recent years. Has proved to be consistent this year, having numerous top 10′s and 20′s. Also loves the event, coming 2nd in Adare Manor in 2008. View More

Top 100 Golf Tweeter’s You Must Follow!

When I first decided to make a list like this, I had no idea how hard it was going to be! You may think 100 people is a lot, but there are thousands of quality golf accounts which I wish I could include! To avoid missing anyone, I asked my twitter followers for their suggestions. They were great and provided me with me with 200+ accounts to consider on top of the ones I already had in mind! Thanks guys.

I’ve made the list alphabetical, as it was hard enough to leave out people who I thought deserved to be on it and also you cannot compare some accounts with others. Most people also recommended an alphabetical list.

I also had a criteria for selecting the top 100.

I chose this list based on three main factors,

  1. Content - Obviously this is the main reason why you’d follow someone. You want to see quality, thought provoking content that appeals to a wide audience. That’s why the top 100 list covers a wide variety of golf tweeters. There are those who provide superb coverage of events, betting tips, tee times etc. Then there are players who give us unparalleled coverage from inside the ropes or journalists who provide intelligent answers to golf debates or amateur bloggers who give us real content. It covers everything!
  2. Contribution Frequency – Those who are highly active on social media sites, who provide us with daily content and something that we expect daily/weekly such as a hangout or specific blog post. Contributing to the community frequently is the key to gaining followers in the long term! Most of the accounts included in the list are all great at tweeting frequently!
  3. Engagement with followers – Clearly this is the ‘social’ aspect of social media. It really isn’t about followers and people who think that really miss the point of social media! However, active accounts will certainly gain a lot of followers if they engage and they gain a good reputation within the community! Again, most of the accounts that made the cut perform well in this category.

I’ve decided to break the list into five categories. Below are the top 27 competitive golfers (in alphabetical order) that met the criteria. Pro golfers on twitter give us a unique insight in to life on tour and it’s interesting to hear what they have to say about topical issues in golf. They might not tweet that often, which is understandable but they’ve played a key role in making twitter what it is today!

  • Bubba Watson – one of the original tweeters, such a funny bloke!
  • Charlie Beljan – Inspirational guy – good insight!
  • Chelsea Bach – good photos
  • Chris Paisley – funny photos – regular contributor! 
  • Christina Kim – One of the best twitter acounts there is, that’s all! 
  • David Duval – Quality content – always fun to hear his views!
  • David LynnHilarious tweets, does sarcasm well! 
  • Eddie Pepperell – Great tweets – what you’d expect really! 
  • Gary Evans – says what he’s thinking!
  • Ian Poulter – Doesn’t really need a description, I’m sure you’re already following him!
  • Ian Woosnam – Masters champions never fail to disappoint!
  • James Hale – great to see tweets from someone who’s working their way up!
  • Joel Sjoholm – He brings social media to a new level – deserves a billion followers!
  • Karen Stupples – blogs about life on tour – good insight!
  • LukeDonald – great to see his replys to fellow golfers such as IJP and Keegan!
  • Mark Murphy – his photography matches his golf skills, he’s a legend too!
  • Paige McKenzie – Good insight into life on tour + funny tweets! 
  • Rachel Connor – deep and inspirational tweets! Love them.
  • Rebecca Hudson – Very random tweets but that’s what twitter is all about!
  • Rickie Fowler – Great instagramer and all round good tweeter!
  • Robert Garrigus – Cool guy – loves life and his tweets reflect that! 
  • Sandra Gal – Very, very random but very, very cool tweets!
  • Sara ‘No H’ Brown – Certainly knows how to hashtag and that’s crucial!
  • Shane Lowry – Great at answering questions, and his responses are hilarious!
  • Stephen Grant – Sound lad, great to see what it’s like for someone working his way up to the Euro tour!
  • Thorbjorn Oleson – Ah the Great Dane is a Great Tweeter!

The next section covers comanies/golf clubs who engage particularly well with their followers.

  • BirdieBallUSACommitted to growing golf – I like him!
  • Chad Coleman – He knows how to use social media, does a great job! 
  • Derek Murray – Owns ForeGolf. Committed to making golf easier for everyone – great tweeter also!
  • InventiveGolf – Best new product at the PGA show, always great to tweet to!
  • Titleist – great photos from the various tours. Interacts well with customers.
  • Tony Hynes – Loves golf, owns Tour Greens and is mates with Rory Mcilroy!
  • TourFoods – Great company supplying tour players around the world with quality food.

Next up we have tv presenters, radio stars and commentators that perform well in all three categories. Again their willingness to engage is crucial!

  • David Feherty – His tweets reflect his personality! Has to be included!
  • Denis Pugh – Ah what can you say? A legend, loved by all! 
  • Frank Nobilo – Great analyst and his wisdom shines through in his tweets!
  • Gary Player – Always enjoy his tweet to each weeks winner!
  • Gary Williams – Host of morning drive, great to hear his thoughts!
  • Holly Sonders – Co hosts Morning drive and good quality tweets!
  • Jonathon Rwall – Wide variety of tweets + very regular!
  • Nick Faldo – Good interaction with followers.
  • Shon Crewe – Great networker and passionate about growing womens golf!
  • TheGolfClub – Regular tweeter, posts a lot of golf articles/interviews and photos +has her own radio show!

Twitter wouldn’t be the same without writers and bloggers who dedicate a lot of time to write and tweet their opinions on various blogs and publications. The majority of the content I read comes from twitter links, so again twitter plays a key role for these people. Most of the content from the following people is top notch!!

  • Alan Shipnuck - Golf writer/great tweets!
  • Alex Perry – Great writer, funny tweeter, makes a good combination!
  • Sandie Crowley – Extremely good at networking. Always up for a debate!
  • Brian Keogh – The person to follow for Irish golf, awesome coverage of events!
  • ComPleatGolfer – Golf crazy, awesome writer!!
  • Crohan O’Shea – ah you know yourself! 
  • Donal Hughes – Funny man, more active on facebook but included nonetheless!
  • Ed Kennedy – Great lad, great blogger, worth a follow!
  • Geoff Shackelford – Makes the list easy, one of the best golf accounts.
  • GolfMadChick – The clue is in the name < Loves the game!!
  • GolfSpyTim – Golf Travel writer, good, active account!
  • Al Dunsmuir – Expert golf analyst, one of the leaders in terms of content!
  • I bleed Golf – The clue is in the name, great blog and loves golf.
  • Iain Carter – Has to be included, love watching him during the Open! Great interaction and tweets.
  • James Corrigan – Daily Telegraph golf correspondent, good tweets.
  • Jason Sobel - Some awesome tweets, worthy of making the list.
  • John Huggan - Loves a conversation. Great golf writer.
  • Kevin Markham – If you need any advice on playing any Irish golf course – he’s your man!
  • Kieran Clark – Tweets quality facts/quotes and about anything topical
  • Kristen Williams – Obsessed about golf!! Love her tweets.
  • Matty Boom Boom – Good writer of reviews, golf addict!!
  • Paul Mahoney – Hilarious and thought prevoking tweets! Love them.
  • Ray Matthew – Great blogger, passionate about golf and always up for a debate!
  • Shane Bacon - Good blogger – crazy about golf! 
  • Stephanie Wei – Superb coverage of events, great Google hangouts and an instagram expert!
  • Steve Elling - Quality golf content, amazing tweets and interacts really well.  
  • Tom Kennedy - One of the first golf people I followed on twitter, top notch tweets, great blogger and loves golf. A must follow. 

Many people dedicate a lot of time to growing the game of golf, through coaching etc. The following names have used twitter superbly to spread their thoughts on the game and provide amateurs with quality golf tips.

  • Jason Sutton - Great tweeter who will provide tips for all golfers!
  • John Graham Golf – Great at giving tips, has a daily paper and if you ask a question he will answer it!
  • Jason Helmen Golf - Similar to above, very active tweeter!
  • Todd Halpen - Again tweets his thoughts on the game and tips etc.

Without golf enthusiasts and fans, twitter wouldn’t work. The following people have a genuine love for the game. I always love their tweets, and most of the people below have made twitter worthwhile for me over the past year!

  • Kevin Connolly – A massive golf fan, has to be included! Tweets are great.
  • Dan Mclaughlin – This guy gave up his day job to play golf and is currently trying to play his way onto the pgatour – tell me that isn’t worth a follow!
  • Niall Gorey – Great amateur golfer, and top notch tweeter!
  • Tony Lloyd – Inspirational guy, a golfer with short arms, definitely worth a follow!
  • Pat Mclaughlin – Dead sound. Quality golfer who played Rory back in the day :)
  • GolfProblems – We can all relate to this account!! Some funny stuff.
  • Shelley H - A bit of a golf addict, we can deal with that!
  • Ross D Starkey - Awesome golf blogger and interacts well.
  • Steph Evans – Producer at Sky Sports, tweets pictures giving us a good insight into Sky.
  • GolfIslife - The username says it all – great at interacting and promoting others!
  • Herb McNally – Great pictures and engages seriously well!
  • Golfer Swag - Great quotes on the game and retweets the best golf tweets!
  • GolfersForever - Great tweets and quotes on the game!
  • GolfGeek - Golf geek? Surely you gotta love him!
  • GolfmasterPics -  Some fairly awesome golf pics.
  • GolfBird - Plays a lot of golf and tweets about it. What more could you ask for?
  • Dave W – Massive fan, tweets are superb.
  • Chad Napier – Reply’s to a lot of tweets and provides great thoughts.

Lastly, we have those tweeters who give us unparalleled coverage of events week in, week out. From tv channels to golf magazines, each of the following are great to follow for top notch tweets.

  • AmandaBaliones – You have to follow her!! Unbelievable coverage every week/great photos.
  • Ashley Mayo – Editor of Golf Digest, tweets about golf among other things.
  • Benjamin Everell – Great coverage of events, particularly Aussie golfers!
  • Brian Wacker – Good coverage week in, week out!
  • Craig Evans – Outspoken and honest – gotta love it!
  • GolfChannel – Great overall coverage of all tours around the world!
  • GolfJug – If you follow you’ll see why Golfjug is awesome. Love it!
  • GolfShake – Great golf online community, interaction is key.
  • GolfinMag – New online golf magazine, leading the way in how
  • Kip Henley – Good insight into life as a tour caddie!!
  • MattAdamsFol - Very diverse tweets, everyone should follow him!
  • PGATOUR – Best coverage account on twitter. No surprise really.
  • Sky Sports - TV times, opinions, news, views, scores, behind the scenes gossip & photos all in one place 52 weeks of the year!
  • Top100Golf – If you want to hear news/info about all the top courses around the world, this is worth a follow.
  • Tweeter Aliss – Hilarious parody account of the real man, every tweet is good!

World Match Play First Round Picks

How will he perform?

If I were a betting man, here are my tips for this week’s World Match Play Championship!! – Tell me what you think!

Bobby Jones bracket

Rory McIlroy (NI) v Shane Lowry (Ire) My Pick Lowry

Rickie Fowler (US) v Carl Pettersson (Swe) My Pick Pettersson

Dustin Johnson (US) v Alexander Noren (Swe) My Pick Johnson

Graeme McDowell (NI) v Padraig Harrington (Ire) My Pick Harrington

Bubba Watson (US) v Chris Wood (Eng) My Pick Wood

Jim Furyk (US) v Ryan Moore (US) My Pick Moore

Charl Schwartzel (SA) v Russell Henley (US) My Pick Schwartzel

Zach Johnson (US) v Jason Day (Aus) My Pick Day

Gary Player bracket

Louis Oosthuizen (SA) v Richie Ramsay (Sco) My Pick Oosthuizen

Branden Grace (SA) v Robert Garrigus (US) My Pick Garrigus

Keegan Bradley (US) v Marcus Fraser (Aus) My Pick Bradley

Ernie Els (SA) v Fredrik Jacobson (Swe) My Pick Jacobson

Justin Rose (Eng) v KJ Choi (Kor) My Pick Rose

Bill Haas (US) v Nicolas Colsaerts (Bel) My Pick Colsaerts

Sergio Garcia (Spa) v Thongchai Jaidee (Tha) My Pick Jaidee

Matt Kuchar (US) v Hiroyuki Fujita (Jpn) My Pick Fujita

Ben Hogan bracket

Tiger Woods (US) v Charles Howell III (US)My Pick Woods

Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano (Spa) v Francesco Molinari (Ita) My Pick Fernandez-Castano

Webb Simpson (US) v David Lynn (Eng) My Pick Simpson

Peter Hanson (Swe) v Thomas Bjorn (Den) My Pick Hanson

Lee Westwood (Eng) v Rafael Cabrera-Bello (Spa) My Pick Cabrera-Bello

Martin Kaymer (Ger) v George Coetzee (SA) My Pick Kaymer

Jason Dufner (US) v Richard Sterne (SA) My Pick Dufner

Hunter Mahan (US) v Matteo Manassero (Ita) My Pick Mahan

Sam Snead bracket

Luke Donald (Eng) v Marcel Siem (Ger) My Pick Donald

Paul Lawrie (Sco) v Scott Piercy (US) My Pick Lawrie

Steve Stricker (US) v Henrik Stenson (Swe)My Pick Stenson

Nick Watney (US) v David Toms (US)My Pick Watney

Adam Scott (Aus) v Tim Clark (SA)My Pick Scott

Jamie Donaldson (Wal) v Thorbjorn Olesen (Den) My Pick Oleson

Ian Poulter (Eng) v Steven Gallacher (Sco) My Pick Poulter

Bo Van Pelt (US) v John Senden (Aus) My Pick Bo Van Pelt

Keegan’s in a dilemma!

In a dilema

This week has been a huge success, the belly putter is to be banned in 3 years, but for the governing bodies, tours and players using the belly putter there’s decisions to be made.

Tiger Woods World Challenge Presented by Northwestern Mutual - Round One

True, it’s not often that you see heckling on a golf course, and there is rarely an excuse for it, but after Keegan Bradley was heckled off the 18th green after his 3rd round 67 at the world golf challenge, the USGA, Keegan Bradley and others need to see beyond the heckling, but the bigger issue of their continued use of the belly putter.

I can agree with the fan in some ways! Keegan Bradley isn’t a cheater, but he’s certainly ruining his reputation by continuing to use the belly putter. Whether he likes it or not, he will continue to be ‘heckled’ if he doesn’t switch putter soon.

The USGA need to ban the belly putter soon. If Keegan Bradley wins today there will be uproar from players and fans. Technically it is still legal to use the belly putter until 2016, but how can players justify using the belly putter until then when it has been called cheating? If it were me, I would feel morally obliged to stop using it. Yes, they have to make a living, but golfing ethics come before that.

The USGA and R&A are in a seriously awkward situation, after announcing that belly putters would be banned in 3 years. The PGA Tour surely have to enact the ban sooner, or else they can expect 3 years of heckling!!

I don’t like when fans tell Keegan to get a job at Burger king etc, claiming that he’ll lose his job over the ban, but he does have to consider if he wants to continue getting this for 3 more years!

Hopefully the poster boy of the belly putter will get rid of his bad habit and switch soon, before it’s too late! Maybe it already is if he wins today?

Check out lost golf balls for the best deals on golf balls on the internet!

Let me know what you think on twitter!

Crohan O’Shea @Crohaan

Although inevitable, is it really what the game needs?

tiger adam

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We have always been advocate’s for making golf as enjoyable as possible, I’m sure you’ll agree that we want to increase the number of people who play, watch and enjoy golf. Although I have always been against belly putters and although it’s a better image for the game with a ban, it could also have some ‘shaky’ consequences.

Ever since Keegan’s sensational yet controvercial win @ The PGA Championship in 2011 I have been against the belly putter as to me it’s against the etiquette of the game and (now proven) cheating! Yet I have made it clear that a ban for pro’s only would be much better. It would discourage young people from choosing the belly putter, but would’t leave older players feeling bullied. Slowly over the next decade belly putters would be a thing of the past! If you want a chart to see if your style of putting is or isn’t allowed by the R&A click here

Many amateurs have turned to the belly putter as a savior for their ‘yips’, what will happen in 2016 when they are no longer allowed to use it? Will they quit? Hopefully not, but many will! Avoiding the embarrassment of four putting etc. This is just another catalyst for decreasing the numbers in the game.

Undoubtedly the belly putter will be a great training aid for all players with the ‘yips’ or for helping with rhythm  stroke or follow through. So for the manufacturer’s it’s not all bad news. If you want to read my thoughts on the belly putter after Ernie’s open win click here!

I have to say fair play to the R&A for making such a quick decision, in a week where they’ve come under a bit of scrutiny for making changes to the home of golf among other things, but I’m not sure if their decision is the correct one. Let me know your thoughts on the debate on twitter!

Crohan O’Shea @Crohaan

Rory’s story book year complete!

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What a fitting end to the European Tour! Although Mcilroy had the money list wrapped up, the culmination of the European tour certainly produced some exciting golf. As the final round began, it was the world number one Rory Mcilroy facing world number two Luke Donald in an almost match play like situation. The two didn’t start well and things started to get interesting! However Mcilroy showed his class over the final holes to snatch the trophy from Justin Rose and take yet another accolade in his greatest ever season.

Justin Rose almost defied all odds that the winner would come from the Rory/Luke group by producing a course record smashing 62 on the 7675 yard beast. But although Luke Donald didn’t produce anything special, Mcilroy proved his class as world number one by birdieing his last five holes to take yet another accolade this year.

When Rose turned in 4 under, while Rory and Luke were both level par through 6, you began to believe that Rose could challenge, he confirmed this by eagling the par 5 14th and his round culminated with what was (even though it didn’t drop) possibly the putt of the year. Stopping on the brow of the hill for a few seconds, he could have looked like an idiot, but finally it rolled to within an inch of the cup. Here’s what he said afterwards.

However, within 10 minutes of finishing Rose was caught by Mcilroy, who was still on course and crucially with 2 holes to play! When he nailed his tee shot on the par three 17th and rolled in the birdie, it was four consecutive birdies for the world number one, all he had to do was par the last to take first prize. He finished in style by rolling in a 15 footer to end what was an amazing year!! It confirmed how much his mental game has improved since Augusta last year and this will be influential as he tries to win more majors in the future.

Paul McGinley said it was one of the best wins he had seen.

Afterwards, Rory was asked what he had expected to achieve five years on from his success in the 2007 open championship, he said to have a card and to be earning enough money to make a living, with his $250 million dollar switch to Nike he sure has accomplished his goal.

The question is whether he can emulate his success with his new Nike equipment in 2013. Personally, he is just too good for it to have any effect on his golf game. Life doesn’t get much better for Rory right now! Well done Rory!

Full scores here

It was a great season on the European Tour, this event just proved it. Hopefully next season is even better! For the full schedule next year click here.

Crohan O’Shea @Crohaan

Weekly roundup

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I think we need a round up of the weeks action, considering there have been four major men’s tournaments taking place, plenty of choices if you’re a pro I guess (Do I go to South Africa, Hong Kong, Australia or Japan?) but for us viewers it’s been hard to follow it all.

In Japan world number three Luke Donald fired an impressive final round of 68 to win the Dunlop Phoenix tournament by five strokes. Other notables were Alvaro Quiros who finished on 8 under and Jonas Blixt, nominee for pga tour rookie of the year, finished on 6 under.

With the win Donald leapfrogs Tiger Woods to go to number two in the world. Despite getting hacked during the week Luke tweeted : ‘Loved my week here in Japan – the Dunlop Phoenix is a great event, on a great course, great food, great beer….it’s just great!’

Full scores here

Further south in Hong Kong, Miguel Angel Jimenez claimed a historic victory, as he became the oldest winner on the European Tour at almost 49 years of age. Des Smyth formally held this record. The win never looked in doubt as he went bogey free for his final 54 holes – some streak.

He certainly seemed to suggest when being interviewed afterwards that he wants to be part of the 2014 Ryder cup team and that’s not as captain! The cigars and the Rioja must be serving him well, as he celebrated the win with his well known tradition.

Overnight leader Michael Campbell slipped during the final round and made matters worse when he shanked his approach to the 18th, which led to a double bogey. Fredrick Anderson Hed of Sweden almost caught Jimenez, missing a 15 footer at the last to force a playoff. Last weeks winner in Singapore Matteo Manassero also was in contention but didn’t produce any quality golf over the last 6 holes.

Read more here

Full scores here

Further south again in Melbourne, at the Australian Masters, Adam Scott overturned a 1 shot deficit to win by 4 shots over Ian Poulter, it was a battle throughout but on the two longest holes on the course, Poulter made bogeys, which proved to be his downfall.

It was a win that was due for Adam Scott who ended a 15 month drought, after he should have won the British open earlier this year and it was nice to do it in front of his home crowd. It was a strange anti-climatic finish that never looked likely throughout the final day shootout but as Scott birdied 17 he had the win wrapped up.

After winning the ‘gold’ jacket Scott said, ‘Maybe I could turn it green,” That will be a matter of do, not dye.
GMAC finished 8th,

full scores here

Over in South Africa Henrik Stenson won the South African open, securing not only his place in the Dubai World Championship, but a two year exemption. Although he double bogeyed his ninth, he responded well with birdies at 10, 16 and 17 to take the trophy over George Coetzee

Martin Kaymer played well too, recording a T3 finish, his best in a while.

Full scores here

It was a jam packed week in the golf world, next week it’s a little more straightforward! Off to Dubai for those who made it, who’s your money on?

Crohan O’Shea @crohaan

Singapore to Hong Kong. Young to Old


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The Hong Kong open proved to be a dramatic week as some players tried to make the Race 2 Dubai grand finale, while others were more focused on securing their card for 2013. There were some sad stories and some happy, but no one was happier than Miguel Angel Jimenez who became the oldest winner on the European tour, surpassing Des Smyth’s former record.

Last week, 19 year old Matteo Manssero won in Singapore, he also happens to be the youngest winner on the European tour at 17 years of age. This week it was the other end of the spectrum we saw, the almost 49 year old Miguel Angel Jimenez  shot a final round 65, and with that became the oldest winner on the European tour!

It was a perfect round of golf for Jimenez who never looked in danger of dropping a shot. Playing the last in textbook fashion, driving the ball to within a foot of the down slope, hitting his approach to 18 feet and calmly two putting for the championship, it summed up his tournament. He didn’t bogey a hole in his final 3 rounds - I think he’s got a few more wins left in him.

Fredrik Anderson Hed from Sweden finished 2nd, he shot a 64 and almost got to Jimenez’s mark of 15 under, missing a 15 footer at the last, which would have made things interesting.

It was good to see overnight leader Michael Campbell in contention although nothing happened for him in the final round, shanking his approach shot on the last en-route to a 2 over 72. It was sad to see but he still has positives to take from the week, being the third round leader and he can also be proud to have been in such good humour after his bad round on Sunday.

Manassero was also in contention up until the 12th where he bogeyed the par 5, which really halted his progress.

It’s quite amazing for golf, I can’t think of any other sport where one week it’s a 19 year old winner and the next it’s a 48 year old. Is the Ryder cup on the cards for Miguel? I think it could be, it’d be pretty cool for a 50 year old player playing in the Ryder cup, you can really see he wants it.

Next year I’m sure he’ll return to Hong Kong, although UBS are no longer sponsoring the event and it’s being moved from it’s prime slot on the European tour, a week before the dubai world championship.

Congratulations to Miguel Angel Jimenez! I’m sure he’ll enjoy a few bottles of rioja tonight.

Full list of scores here

Crohan O’Shea @crohaan


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